Shyama Helin: Acrylic Painter

Shyama is an emerging painter who lives and works in Portland. Her art blends figurative and abstract elements, and reflects our spiritual and emotional connection to the environment. Surface textures and cracking techniques help to illustrate nature’s fragility, and give each piece a unique, organic and contemporary style.

Raised in one of the oldest communes on the West Coast, it isn’t surprising that she has embraced nature as a subject. Her childhood home was a cabin in the woods—they didn’t rely on electricity or phones—and she often found herself sketching under the comforting canopy of the forest, alone with her imagination. Her connection to nature is profound and unbreakable.

In each of her paintings, she uses a combination of collage, painting and texturing techniques to create depth and layers. And, while her own story is woven into each piece, she leaves room for each viewer’s interpretation. 

"Blue Mountains" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 36"x 36"| $1,800
"Light Burst" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 30"x 30"| $1,500 - SOLD
"Wildwood Trail" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 36"x 36"| $1,500
"Flock" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 24"x 24"| SOLD

"Shadows" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 30"x40" | $2,000

"October" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 60"x48" | $3,500

"Passage" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 30"x 30"| $750 - SOLD
"Morning" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 24"x 24"| $1,000

"Mist" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 22"x28" | $1,000

"Dusk" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 48"x60" | $3,500

"Bloom" | Acrylic paint on canvas | 30"x48" | $2,000

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