Shyama Helin


paintings by Portland-based artist, Shyama Helin.  Opening reception Thursday, September 3rd from 6-9 pm.

Shyama's natural and moody paintings blend figurative and abstract elements, and reflect our spiritual and emotional connection to the environment. Surface textures, paint washes, charcoal and cracking techniques help illustrate nature’s fragility, and give each piece a unique, organic and contemporary style.

Shyama, pronounced “Shaw-ma,” grew up finding her own way of doing things. An only child, raised in Ananda Village, a spiritual commune outside Nevada City, California, she learned both to entertain herself and to play with the other kids in the community. It was isolated, woodsy, and without electricity or telephones and she often found herself sketching under the comforting canopy of the forest.  Without the influence of TV and pop culture, she and her friends made their own fun and built life long connections to nature. Her parents and the community recognized Shyama’s artistic talent by the time she was in kindergarten, and she was always encouraged in that direction following an artistic path through to college and beyond.

Her latest "Migrations" painting series, created over the last six months, explores movement from one part of something to another. This concept, while expressed so beautifully by birds in nature, has many parallels to her personal life as an artist – seasonally moving back and forth between working as a full time artist and working in the marketing industry.

Visit ARTISTS see more of Shyama's work available at the gallery.

Paintings will be on display from August 27th - October 15th.

Annie's Super Art SALE! August 1st -26th

There is so much art we can't see around it!  Help us clear the air, start fresh, and make room for new and exciting work.  Starting August 1st, all of Annie's work will be on sale.  Ranging from her largest pieces to her smallest.  Framed and unframed artwork - everything will be marked down 30% -50% from it's original price.   Come visit the gallery to see what is available.  

Anton Pavlenko

Opening reception with the artist Thursday, July 2nd from 6-9 pm.
Exhibit dates are July 1st to August 15th.

The gallery is pleased to present “Intimate Landscapes”  paintings by Portland-based artist, Anton Pavlenko.

Anton’s plein air oil paintings capture textured landscapes with effortless brush strokes, emphasizing an impeccable palette of color schemes. While his thick oil strokes don’t yield a strict realist approach to landscapes, Pavelenko excels at replicating the mood and essence of his selected scenery. The paintings feature regional landscapes and sea imagery inspired by the Oregon coast.

About this recent work Anton writes: “Painting on location … is all about the process of discovery and response for me. It’s an integral part of how and why I paint. My ears, nose and skin are no less important than my eyes when I’m outdoors. Painting en plein air allows me to truly feel the landscape with all my senses and better understand how to capture a whole moment in its essence.

My latest body of work has taken me back to places I’ve become intimately familiar with over the last several years. I believe that some nuances and subtleties of a particular landscape can only be realized over years of repetitive study and painting. I compare this to a relationship with a friend–the longer you spend time with them, the more they open up to you. This relationship is what keeps me from becoming bored and in search of ‘new land’ to paint. Like dilating eyes adjusting to the dark I’ve found new colors and textures in my outdoor studies and have started to explore new ways and techniques to express and interpret them in the studio.”

Please join us for an opening reception with the artist Thursday, July 2nd from 6-9 pm. The exhibit dates are through August 15th.

Jill Mayberg

Opening reception with the artist Thursday, May 7th from 6-9 pm.

In May, the gallery is pleased to present Recent Paintings by Portland area artist, Jill Mayberg. Recently featured on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat, Jill’s art is often compared to that of children, a comparison she has worked hard to develop.  She values the spontaneity and openness of folk art, and uses artistically inspiring journeys to the zoo to create her colorful and whimsical images.

Her work is in many public and private collections and is also exhibited in galleries and juried exhibitions all over the country. She has been awarded grants and an Artist Trust Fellowship.

She has had a lifelong interest in peace and social justice, women’s equality, animal rights, the ideas of The Enlightenment and humanist ideals. She believes that art is a universal language that can bring people together, foment curiosity and forge connections.

Please Join us for a reception for the artist First Thursday May 7th from 6-9 pm

David Shratter

Opening reception with the artist Thursday, March 5th from 6-9 pm.

The  Gallery is pleased to  exhibit new pen and ink drawings by David Shratter, titled  “Poppies, My Self, and other things of mine” . This body of intimate drawing on Kitakata paper are drawings on the life cycle of  himself, his home environment, and flowers that he had brought into his home.

David writes about this body of work:
“This body of work was created over the past 15 months. The drawings are meditations on the bloom of youth, the decline toward death, ageing, identity, and the beauty and delight of the everyday objects in my life.”

David has been exhibiting for the last 20 years in Pacific Northwest galleries. The Tacoma Art Museum is featuring one of David’s paintings in an ongoing exhibit ” NorthWest in the West: Exploring Our Past” .