Guest Artist Char Breshgold

Opening receptions with the artist Wednesday August 3rd 6-9pm and Thursday August 4th 6-9pm.

"Red Bathing Suit" 20x19 - acrylic on paper

Join us to celebrate Char's new body of work titled " Red Bathing Suit Series - float, sink, or swim".

About the work Char writes: “This series of paintings came to life after my mother’s death in early 2015. Packing up her apartment I began going through old photo albums and looking at familiar black and white childhood photos in a different way.

In an age when we all have multiple photos viewed instantly and documenting every moment in our lives, this was different. The moment was captured, you got what you got- whether the subject was smiling or 1/2 out of the frame. I began working with these images that evoked the complexities of family relationships, not just visions of a happier, nostalgic past. Layering paint, I worked with colors and textures that set the mood of a different time. I wanted to create paintings that show beauty, fun, some mystery and just a touch of irony”.